Judge Dina Keever

A passionate advocate for justice

Judge Keever has fought for justice throughout her entire legal career. Now, on the bench, she works to ensure everyone is treated fairly and impartially.

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Experience Counts

Judge Dina Keever has the experience and ethics we need in our judiciary.

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Endorse Judge Keever

As a former federal prosecutor and private litigator, Judge Keever has demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and has shown her commitment to protecting the rights of both the victims and accused.
Adam T. Rabin, Esq
I support Judge Dina Keever in her campaign to remain on our bench. Judge Keever has broad based experience and has spent the majority of her professional career in the courtroom. That's the experience we need.
Gregory W. Coleman, Esq.
I have witnessed Judge Keever's record of community service in Palm Beach County. She has shown an outstanding dedication to public service and professional integrity.
Nicole Hessen, Esq.
Judge Keever has the experience and integrity to continue to serve on the bench. She knows how to run an efficient courtroom and ensure everyone is treated fairly and impartially.
Gary S. Lesser, Esq.
Judge Keever has proven to be a knowledge, fair and dedicated judge. Her passion for public service and commitment to seeking justice are the qualities we need in our judiciary.
Ryon McCabe, Esq.
Judge Keever is very active in the Florida Association for Women Lawyers. She impressed us with her professional dedication to the law, her obvious feminist instincts, and her focus on career and family.
NOWPAC of Florida National Organization for Women

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